ROV Services

Akuna Marine Services specialises in the provision and operation of Little Benthic Vehicles (LBV).

Drawing on our maritime experience we utilise some of the latest and most technology advanced LBV’s, including the LBV-150 and the LBV-300.

The LBV’s utilized by Akuna Marine Services are the most complete and versatile mini Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) available. Packed with all the standard features that make each LBV so capable, these models take small ROV operations to a new level.

The ROV is an idealistic substitute for operations that require divers, due to the advanced technology and low risks involved.

A selection of ROV capabilities is provided for your consideration; however, the innovative and compact nature of these LBV models enables to provide endless possibilities…

  • Inspection of dam and potable water structure for corrosion and sediment.
  • Hull inspections for insurance surveys and security and fouling for foreign vessels entering environmentally sensitive ecosystems.
  • Monitoring of aqua culture including tuna pens/pearl farms for mortality and growth rates.
  • Subsea scientific research and survey for corals, sanctuary zones, sea grasses and benthic impact studies.
  • Search and salvage ADCP’s (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler).
  • Jetty and wharf inspections.
  • Surveys for proposed new berths.
  • Desalination pumps inspection.
  • UXO (Unexploded Ordinates) clearance survey.